How to make every scene you write into the best scene you've ever written.  

There is no “secret” to screenwriting. Anyone who tells you differently is trying to sell you something. There are, however, some basic rules of storytelling. Not because some writing “guru” wrote a book about them, but because there are some basic rules to life. And life is the grandest story of all. 

A story driven by character will connect emotionally with your audience. This free e-book explores ten questions to challenge you to write better character-driven scenes (and a little something extra to challenge you to write a better life). By reading and following the tips on this checklist, I am in no way guaranteeing that every scene you write will be great. I am, however guaranteeing that every scene you write will be better.

Through this extensive yet practical ebook, you’ll learn how to:

  • Understand the ten questions that are key to exceptional storytelling.

  • Discover how you can apply these same principles to write a better life for yourself.

  • See examples of how character-driven screenplays connect emotionally with readers.

  • Learn how to write the screenplay only you can write.

  • Includes a checklist to post above your desk for easy reference.

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