You work incredibly hard. You finish a script (hurray!). And you're dying to know if it's any good.

So, what are your options?

You could pay a few hundred dollars for “professional” notes, but you want multiple viewpoints, and that can do a number on your bank account. You could send it out to friends and family, but they probably have no experience with reading screenplays and have a vested interest in giving you overwhelmingly positive feedback (since you’ll be making the green bean casserole this holiday season and they’d like to make it out un-poisoned).

But, what if there was a way to make anyone who reads your script into a “professional?”

Everyone can watch movies and read a screenplay, but the problem is most people don’t know how to “grade.” They need a guide. Someone to help them give you better notes.

It’s my belief that every reader becomes a professional reader when they’re asked the right questions.

The key to great feedback is not finding an expert reader, but asking expert questions

That’s why I created Get Better Feedback: to help them help you. I researched dozens of professional readers to find what questions they have to answer before giving a script a “pass,” “consider,” or “recommend.” These are the questions that tell if your script has what it takes... or doesn’t. 

Get Better Feedback is an interactive PDF containing 30 QUESTIONS (3 categories of 10 questions each) for you to give to anyone that reads your script. The three sections cover your screenplay’s PLOT, CHARACTER, and EXECUTION and will ideally give you enough great feedback for you to start your next rewrite! Best of luck and keep writing!