When you hear the term “Character-Driven Screenplays,” what do you think of? I immediately think of stuffy, Oscar-bait bio-pics or indie mumble-core movies about a couple fighting in an apartment all weekend. But the truth is that character is what connects us to stories. In fact, every story follows one or more characters. Even if those characters are robots, lamps, or intergalactic space monsters. 

When you write a screenplay, your job is to connect with the audience. The more an audience connects with the story, the more engaged they’ll be while they’re watching and the more it will stick with them long after they leave. 

When you learn to write great characters, it will elevate you above the thousands of other writers out there. Readers will engage with your story! Actors will be fighting to play your characters! Viewers will leave the film wanting to talk about it (or argue about it) with their friends! You’ll sell a screenplay for a million dollars and get to hang out with Bill Murray on George Clooney’s yacht! 

In WRITING UNFORGETTABLE CHARACTERS, I’ll walk you through 7 exercises designed to help you analyze yourself, you favorite movie characters, and the characters you’re currently writing. You’ll learn the 7 elements of unforgettable characters:

  1. Unforgettable Characters Are Authentic

  2. Unforgettable Characters Have Goals

  3. Unforgettable Characters Face Obstacles

  4. Unforgettable Characters Make Choices

  5. Unforgettable Characters Face Great Stakes

  6. Unforgettable Characters Explore Deep Themes

  7. Unforgettable Characters Have a Unique Point of View

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