When I sit down to create a new resource, I always start with the issues that I deal with the most. (I just assume that those are the issues everyone deals with the most.) And if I’m honest, the weakest part of my writing has always been my characters. 

The problem is that I’m always thinking in terms of plot. I always start with some big crazy idea and shoehorn my characters into it. Then it takes me many, many rewrites to get the characters to be interesting, driven human beings. 

That’s why I created Writing Unforgettable Characters: in order to help me write better characters, and hopefully it’ll help you as well. 

We’ll be walking through 7 different lessons all about Writing Unforgettable Characters and each lesson has an assignment to help you... 

  • dissect your favorite characters, 

  • get in touch with the characters you’re writing, 

  • challenge yourself a bit as well.

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