Hi. I'm Hudson.


I am not a "professional" screenwriter. Although I’ve sold a screenplay to a major studio and I wrote and produced an award-winning feature film. 

I am not a screenwriting “coach.” Although I’ve taught writing at conferences, led workshops, and written for screenwriting blogs.

I do not read people’s scripts and give them notes in exchange for tons of money. Although I’ve given loads of notes for free.

The truth is I'm just like you: someone who loves screenwriting, but who struggles with sitting down at my desk and getting it done. I understand the ups and downs of the emotional journey of writing and find that this is rarely addressed in typical screenwriting circles.

This is why I created ScriptBlast: to create resources and cultivate community to help you write better screenplays and write a better life.

ScriptBlast is divided into two offerings: 



My goal is to build a community of writers. To lift each other up, to help each other chase our dreams, to keep each other sane on the roller coaster that is the creative life. 

And there's more to come in the coming year: books, video courses, free resources, and even live events. 

Email me with feedback or questions. Let me know what you're looking for to help you move closer to your dreams.

And most importantly...

Keep writing.